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Based on what we've seen in 2014, what can we expect in the digital marketing world in the coming year? How should digital marketers prepare themselves? Now it’s the right time that we look ahead to what will be the major trends in digital marketing in 2015. In the coming year, content marketing will continue to strengthen its hold on the industry. In content marketing, videos have always been preferred by digital marketers to promot

e their content because Videos can convey a message ten times more powerfully than text content. Content marketing via Videos is already popular but it will get more so in 2015 and when we talk about videos then YouTube is the platform which immediately comes to our mind. YouTube isn’t just the third most popular site in the world. It has also quietly become one of the world’s biggest search engines. Google has shifted it algorithms to favor videos, often putting YouTube videos near the top of its organic results.

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, Video is the key to successful content marketing. Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. If a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million, so say Forrester's researchers. Videos are also increasingly being watched on mobile devices.

Keeping all these into consideration, it is very important to know YouTube as a social media marketing platform. More importantly, promoting videos via online integrated marketing approach is something which seems to be the need of the hour in order to become an answer for your viewer’s questions and giving unique and one class above experience.

So by now we understand that having video marketing strategy in place should be one of the top priorities for digital marketers across globe in 2015 so it is important for digital marketers to have YouTube video creation and promotion know how.

I based on my experience have tried my level best to create list of checklists for video creation and video promotion which are critical to business success.

Create YouTube Channel
1) Define your YouTube channel theme first i.e. prank, social cause, humorous, tutorial etc.
2) Name your channel accordingly - short and memorable.

Focus on Building Qualitative Videos
3) Video Content should be original and unique
4) Video length should be as per viewer’s interest.
5) Video content should match the theme of the channel
6) Video’s firsts 3-5 sec should be of brand/channel introduction using brand logo.
7) Video should be tagged with one unique logo to give exclusivity to video.
8) Video’s first 30 sec should be attractive and engaging enough.
9) Video content should be supported by good background music as per theme of video content
10) Use high quality branded camera while shooting for video
11) Edit your video using free software i.e. Movie Maker, iMovie, and VirtualDub
12) Video annotations and captions should be readable but should not distract viewers too.
13) Video should have standard YouTube licenses and should not match with 3rd party content

YouTube Video On Page Promotion Technique
14) Research your keywords which are relevant to your video content.
15) Video’s tags are most important. Use google keyword planner to find out relevant competitive keywords. Use these keywords to improve ranking on google search and YouTube search page.
16) Use adequate keywords carefully in title and description of the video to ensure relevancy
17) Video’s Title should be catchy and lengthy enough to include 2-3 top unique keywords so that it can be searched easily on YouTube platform and also on other google search platform.
18) Video’s Description should cover relevant keywords besides video introduction.
19) Description should have inbound links of video, channel, Facebook, Twitter, website, LinkedIn.
20) Video’s description should be in between 200-400 words.
21) Pick the right thumbnail of engaging image to give reason viewers to click on videos.
22) Make playlists to help viewers to get more out of your channel.
23) Playlists have an additional benefit: since they show up separately in YouTube searches, every new playlist is another opportunity to show up on the front page of search results.
24) Annotations can be used to create a menu screen at the end of your video. The viewer is presented with a selection of other videos and the viewer gets to pick whichever one they would like to watch
25) There has to be relevancy factor among video content, video title, video description and video tags to ensure page 1 ranking on Google/Yahoo/Bing/YouTube search pages.
26) Most importantly, if we can work on generating videos transcripts and the same can be uploaded and sync on YouTube subtitles and cc section then it will help google to know what is inside the video because Google indexing can be done using these video transcripts. This is again to increase organic ranking on Google search page.
27) Allow video embeds because it lets others share your content on blogs and web pages.

YouTube Video Off Page Promotion Technique
28) It is very essential to have one website or blog site around YouTube channel theme wherein relevant content/videos can be uploaded and that’s how website traffic can be diverted to YouTube channel.
29) It is very important to have YouTube video outbound links on relevant and highly traffic website to increase the Google ranking of YouTube videos
30) It is important to create outbound links by submitting YouTube channel and video links to relevant article submission directories, social forums, social bookmarking site, classifieds etc.
31) YouTube video’s outbound links can be generated by posting video links on Blog’s comment section.
32) Very important to ensure that outbound links should not be generated unnecessary otherwise it may give negative results if considered spammy in Google’s eyes.
33) On Google search page, using keywords tags, we get to know relevant blog/site content on 1st page where we can go and comment and then post our video links to generate more traffic.
34) Another way to get viewers on YouTube platform is via video response. One of the easiest ways to get more views is to identify your video as a “video response” to a popular video. Your video will show up underneath the original video and also possibly in the sidebar adjacent to it: that could mean 100,000’s of eyes on the link to your video.

YouTube Video Promotion on Social Media
35) It is important to promote YouTube video link/content on social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
36) Engage with your audience on these platforms by participating in conversation with them.
37) Create prebuzz via announcement of video post schedule to create curiosity amongst followers.
38) It is important to have one dedicated page or account on each social networking site where these videos can be share and that’s video’s reach can be increased.
39) To promote channel/videos on YouTube, one can opt for true view advertisements i.e. on search page, on display page as recommended videos etc.
40) To promote videos on Facebook, there are paid options available too i.e. either we promote it via video post engagement or we promote it via page like.
41) Channel/ videos can be promoted via organic sharing on other relevant Facebook groups .
42) One can also approach popular groups of Facebook to promote videos by posting on their page. Such groups allow you to promote videos but on chargeable basis and that too with noncontroversial video content.
43) One can also join or access Facebook group of similar interest or content and over there too, once can post their relevant video links.
44) On Twitter and Facebook, usage of relevant trending and popular hashtag words will allow us to increase our reach.
45) In twitter, we can easily see trending hashtags and using these trending hashtags, one can tweet specifically besides leaving video link in tweet. Whenever someone searches for your hashtag, they will come across your post. So it’s important to use relevant hashtags when creating a post that is linked to your YouTube video.
46) Promote post engagement via Facebook and run some contest on it. This will guarantee decent audience engagement and will give good support in fulfilling campaign objective.
47) By starting a Google+ community page, you are creating a place for others to discuss topics similar to your channel. When you are setting up your community page, you can add a link to your YouTube profile

Associating with YouTube Certified Premier Partner Network
48) Above all this, we can be associated with one of the YouTube certified premium networks which has huge subscriber and viewership base.
49) We can be associated with only one premier network and after this our video can be introduced to their network which is of huge viewership base. This is one of the easiest ways to get viewers in short span provided if video content is unique and interesting.
50) This association with YouTube premium partner network is on the basis of revenue sharing. It depends on network to network. It might be 60:40 or 70:30.
51) Here in this, YouTube does not play any role. Google AdSense will be deactivated once we decide to associate or partner our channel with this one of the these networks. These networks do payment transaction via PayPal account.

Focus on Building Strong Subscriber and Viewership Base.
52) To build string subscriber base, it is very important to post videos on regular basis.
53) Having huge subscriber base is most important to get immediate views which in turn will give higher search page ranking and that’s how video can be ranked at top 3 positions and new viewers are inclined to see video of higher viewership base.
54) Viewers can be asked to share the video or comment on the video or like the video and in return, amazing gift cards can be offered to viewers. This is to increase the reach of the video
55) Video can have annotations for subscribing the channel or clicking on new video. This is to increase the video engagement and video reach too.
56) Have an eye on trending videos as association with such trending videos can be helpful in getting views.
57) Simply asking your viewers to do something greatly increases their chances of doing it. On YouTube, there’s no shortage of actions you can ask viewers to take: Subscribe to my channel, Share with your friends, Click the like button below, Add this video to your favorites, Leave a comment, Follow the link in the description.
58) Email marketing gives you the ability to notify your followers of any new updates and videos whenever you like. You can use this form of marketing to create a newsletter that includes updates and your videos from the past week or month. By sending one email to your subscribers, you could end up receiving thousands of video views.
59) By setting up a contest around your YouTube channel with a cool prize, you are sure to garner a lot of interest. For example, the contest could require participants to share your videos on social media, leave a specific comment, or even blog about your channel. This will help spread the word about your YouTube channel and grow your audience.
60) Participating in VidCon and meetup group helps in growing your viewership as you may get a chance to collaborate with another video creator.
61) CollabVideos allows you create a bigger audience because viewers from other channels will be interested in checking out your videos
62) The YouTube Fan Finder Program allows you to submit up to 5 advertisements for your channel. These ads are then shown across different YouTube videos to an audience that is relevant to your channel. Your ads should be short video clips that give a preview of what your channel is about. Every time a viewer clicks on the channel ad, they are directed to your profile.
63) QR (Quick Response) codes can be linked directly to your YouTube channel. They are known as those square shaped barcodes that can be scanned by your smart phone. There are tons of QR code generators online that can help you create one that directs people to your YouTube videos

Be the voice of your viewers
64) Focus on viewer’s comments, requests/suggestions, interests etc.
65) Acknowledge positive comments and handle negative comments positively.
66) Viewers like to feel appreciated so it’s essential that you engage with them.
67) One way to engage with your followers is by doing question and answer videos. Your viewers ask you questions, and you answer them. To make this work, you can ask your viewers to leave their questions in the comments section for you to answer in the next video.

Things to be take care
68) Videos can be monetized only after linking YouTube channel with Google AdSense
69) Video should not have more than 3 flags. In case someone reports to flag then video owner can appeal to YouTube about it and can know the reasons behind it and if needed, video owner can give their point of view in defense.
70) Video should not be matched with third party’s video property. If it happens so then there is chance of channel suspension or account suspension.

Finally, be original, not only with the videos but in the promotion strategy you build around them.

Please share this article as it may reach out to others and probably, that is how we can maximize our learning.


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