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In my dreams, I see India as a place where I do not find stinking air, even a tiny piece of paper on roads, people spitting on the roads or walls, anybody peeing along the roadside, anybody using poly bags, innocent kids begging for food and money. I see India as a country where everything goes in accordance with the system, where I don’t see anybody honking unnecessarily while driving or arguing in the middle of the road. Well, my wish list to will go on and on to make my country India the best place to live in but I know, you know that this is not the reality.
You all might be thinking that these all must be happening in dreams only! Or you would say get something real and come out of ideal world! But if I tell you that such ideal places exist in the world and to name a few, I would say there are countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, and Japan .All these countries have their unique way of social and civil life style which makes them an ideal place to live in.

Now you will say that they are way ahead of us in terms of technology and economy which actually helps them to keep their city, state and country neat and clean. Trust me; it is about our own belief only that if we decide to contribute then it is possible and in fact it is very easy to make our country a neat and clean place but the point is that our complacent attitude and ignorance to shoulder our responsibilities makes things worst. It is we who litter our vicinity, our roads and our society.

A lot of times, I have heard that we people want to live in a neat and tidy house but not in a neat and clean city but What I feel that to make things better, it is not only our community who can do it alone but it is our governance too who has to contribute via building better infrastructure in order to make things happen. What is lacking is a common drive across nation.

Now let us study the root cause of the problem and what could be the solution to encounter each problem faced by the society to make India a neat and clean country.

1) People throwing garbage on the road, railway stations and gardens
Why – Because they don’t find any trashcan nearby where garbage can be thrown. Second reason is our complacent attitude.
1) Govt. authority should ensure dustbin facility at every street corner.
2) While travelling, to manage things better, we can always carry small trash bag in our car where we can throw small garbage (wrappers/can/leftover food/papers) and the same can be finally disposed at proper place like street dustbin or house dustbin.
3) Here, our attitude will play a vital role. Believe me; people in foreign countries have been following this simple practice for last so many years.

2) Spitting& Peeing on the roads and walls
Why – Because if not on roads and walls then where to spit or pee.
Solution - There has to be a solution because how long will people take to realize the importance of our motherland. It’s time for each and every one of us to give back what she deserves.
1) To deal with this problem, why cannot we have our own spit bags while travelling? It is more comfortable!
2) Those who travel without spit bags and want to spit then they can spit at nearby toilets.
3) Yes it is essential that we must have toilet facility at every 500mtrs to begin with and 2 toilet facilities in big societies and garden.
If these solutions are implemented properly then I am sure this spitting and peeing on the roads will become part of history and we can have stink free roads and clean walls.

 How to Implement and Monitor –Where there is a will, there is a way. There are several ways to monitor these things and ensure effective implementation. To make things simpler and easier, we can implement this in metro cities and later on, the same can be replicated in other cities and towns of India. First and foremost thing is that it is our govt. authority, be it local or state or central that has to build and ensure all these facilities and then we can expect our community to adhere to the system. Let us see what are the possible ways to monitor and implement in order to make our India a neat and clean place.

1) Let private authority take the maintenance responsibility of these facilities.
2) Rolling out fine system in case of failure to adhere the system.
3) Take a snap of the individual breaking rules and publish in local newspaper.
4) Go and talk to the person in case he/she is not following the system.
5) Govt. should build adequate cells and one toll free no. to connect with public.
6)  Good citizens should be rewarded for their good work.
7) Every individual should take it as a daily mission.
8) In schools and colleges, this practice should be implemented by students.
9) Each RWA should be made responsible for their local area.
10) Govt. should use digital and other marketing mediums to disseminate this message out.

I have always heard that India is a country of a youth population and India has a great future. It is a matter of time only, one day India will rock for sure. When we do not know! If we do not know then why we have not taken a single step towards making India a better place to live in? Nothing happens overnight and if there is right time to start anything then it is NOW. I believe, if we can’t contribute our bit then we have no rights to crib about it. If we want to do it for our country then do it now by taking small initiatives and it is time to lead by an example. Let us move ahead together.
Let us all pledge that we will not take our motherland for granted and we will make our country neat and clean and send a very clear message not only to the rest of the world but also to our upcoming generations as they are the one who are supposed to take it forward as mature and responsible citizens of this beautiful country.
 I hope we all are ready to pull up our socks and ready to make India the best place to live in the world. Yes it is possible but this time let us not wait.
To make India better, it is not me or a couple of individuals who can make a difference but it is we together who can make difference. so friends, what’s your take on it? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. All that planning is fine and dandy but the two most important things to fix along with all that is the "Indian mentality" and population ( here I mean 'fix' literally!). The government should have a strict policy after the first child the husband should be fixed no matter what. With the kind of population we have it is not practical but rather impossible to implement anything. Leave alone the fact that the way the government is run, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. It's sad to say that as an ex-Indian, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, not in my lifetime..